Our assets

ActivEX Projects

ActivEX has an extensive portfolio with interests in 1 granted Mining Lease, 33 granted Exploration Permits for Minerals and 1 prospecting License application, covering over 2,881 square kilometres in Queensland.

We are the fourth largest tenement holder by area and the third largest holder by number in Queensland (click here for a full tenement study). Our license areas cover highly prospective terrain for copper and gold mineralisation in north and southeast Queensland.

Exploration Status and Strategy

ActivEX has a commodity focus on precious and critical metals and a regional focus on prospective terrains within Queensland. We also have an extensive asset portfolio, comprising 13 granted Exploration Permits for Minerals and 5 Applications for 1,064 square kilometres in Queensland.

Our experienced Exploration Team possesses has:

A track record of participation in significant minerals discoveries.

Multi-commodity experience in gold, silver, copper, lead/zinc, cobalt, nickel, coal and iron ore.

Geological, geochemical and geophysical expertise.

Multi-terranean experience within Australia and overseas.

Experience in deposit evaluation and completion of feasibility studies.

Competent Person and Valuer status in multi-commodities.